40 Wives Harem

I’ve got 34 Wives now but 40 seems to be an interesting number.

PYGOD's wives banner


Why should I have 40 PYGOD’s wives?

Because Prince Jefri of Brunei has 40 women in his harem.

Because all of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zayed Khalifa’s forty wives got their period at the exact same time.

Because Warren Buffet wrongfully said: “If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.”

Because Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s had 40 “virgin” female bodyguards.

In the animal kingdom, elephant seal and fur seal powerful males, known as bulls, establish territories and gather harems of up to 40 females, battling their rivals to establish dominance.

Enough said! 40 is a magical number… That’s the reasons why I need 40 wives in my Harem.


PYGOD's wives top 30 Harem
My Top 30 / PYGOD’s wives currently.


My nominees to fill the spots 35 to 40. (Love TwinsMadison Ivy, and Mercedes Ashley been added)

The name of the girls (including a link) and the number of FAP by years courtesy of each of these lovely ladies.

Love Twins  9 (2010); 7 (2011); 2 (2013) = 18  (up to last month end, 29 in 2014) = 45

Madison Ivy  9 (2013);  (up to last month end, 26 in 2014) = 35

Mercedes Ashley 20 (from November 1 to November 30) 31 in the two last months of 2014

Shyla Stylez  6 (2010); 3 (2011); 6 (2012); 5 (2013) = 20  (up to last month end, 10 in 2014) = 30

Jayden Cole 10 (2010)#5 ; 3 (2011); <3(2012); 3 (2013) = 16 (up to last month end, 11 in 2014) = 27

Jesse Jane  6 (2010); 4 (2012); 5 (2013) = 15  (up to last month end, 4 in 2014) = 19

Carmen Luvana  12 (2013); (up to last month end, 1)

Monica Mattos  4 (2010); 3 (2013) (up to last month end, 5 in 2014) = 12

Bree Olson  3 (2011); 5 (2013) (up to last month end, 6 in 2014) = 14

Sandra B / Carmen Armania  3 (2011); 7 (2013) = 10

Misty Rain  4 (2012); 2 (2013)  (up to last month end, 5 in 2014) = 11

Yvette Bova  4 (2010); 3 (2011); 2 (2013)

Tianna Lynn  7 (2011);

Bridgette B   2 (2013)   (up to last month end, 7 in 2014) = 9

Shay Sweet  3 (2013)  (up to last month end, 3 in 2014) = 6

Alexa Parks  3 (2010); 1 (2013)  (up to last month end, 12 in 2014) = 16

Bonnie Rotten  (up to last month end, 7 in 2014)

Kristi Myst   3 (2011); (up to last month end, 9 in 2014) = 12

Sexy Cora   (up to last month end, 7 in 2014)


Do any of the above girls have what it’s take to be a PYGOD‘s wives? Only time will tell…

Harem anime requirements

What I need in my Top 40?

In Building an anime harem Twins are suggested, but for me twin sisters are a must. My Identical Twin Sisters are The Love Twins

Like J-Pimpe, un des Joualliers, would say: “… putes blacks, putes jaunes, putes rouges, putes naines…” Which mean I need ebony women, Asians, Native Americans, and dwaft girls in my Harem!?!
Putes Blacks (ebony) Monique, Pinky
Putes Jaunes (Asian) Tera Patrick, Mana Izumi, Priya Rai
Putes Rouges (Native American but Latina will be just fine) Eva Angelina, Mercedes Ashley
Putes Naines (midgets however they are too ugly, Helena Renata, so below 5-feet will be okay) Davia Ardell (4’11”), Pinky (4’11”), Madison Ivy (4’11”)

Tall women: Debi Diamond (6′), Nicole Sheridan (5’10”), Annette Schwarz (5’11”)

What about the Muslim’s 72 Virgins in Jannah (Paradise)?
72 Virgins

It’s good to be King… and have 40 Virgin Female Guards.

Callorhinus_ursinus_and_haremA Northern fur seal with his Harem of 40 females

40 women harem billionaire
You’re wrong Warren. I know all my Girls really well!

Immortan Joe’s Wives / the Five Wives
Mad Max: Fury Road’s Immortan Joe doesn’t have 40 wives but Five Wives locked up inside his fortress behind a re-purposed bank vault door and wearing chastity belts held closed by padlocks is a very interesting concept.



https://sites.google.com/site/alphamalezone/Home/d-i-y-build-your-own-harem http://www.idfa.nl/industry/tags/project.aspx?id=8d8a0dc5-f148-437a-bc58-dd7e92addbd9




Modern-day Harem

HAREM, HAREM, HAREM, Girls, Girls, Girls… I’ve always been passionated and fascinated by both.  If the Sultans and Emperors of the past could have Harems peupled with hundreds, if not thousands of women.  Nowadays, harems are more modest in number.  Here are three of the most famous Modern-day Harems.


Prince Jefri

Prince Jefri

Who he is? Prince Jefri Bolkiah is the brother of the Sultan of Brunei, one of the wealthiest men of all time.  So Prince Jefri had access to an unlimited source of money to indulge into his favorite vice.  He has a yacht called Tit (the lifeboats are names Nipple 1 and Nipple 2).  The Prince was described as a “pathologically narcissistic, a sex addict, and a master collector of women” by one of his Harem Girls.

Name: Prince Jefri’s harem girls

Number: 40 girls, some younger than 16.

Type: beauty queens, fashion models, television stars, Thai teenage hookers, flailing actresses, delusional rock sluts, Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets…    At one time, he had an ex-Hawaiian Tropic model and a third runner-up Miss USA contestant

Hierarchy: There was a hierarchy in the harem as the girls competed to be “No.1” and “No.2” girlfriend.  Tables were arranged by country, with Filipino girls at the top — because the prince’s favorite girl was a Filipino ex-television star named Fiona.  There were six Americans, including a Marilyn Monroe look-alike.  Rumor had it that the prince was looking to crown his fourth wife, so there was constant, subtle infighting.

Picking: There were 40 girls at a time living in eight guesthouses on “the rotation”, brought in by private plane and helicopter.  The girls were tried out and randomly replaced.

Frequency: Slept with up to four women each day.

Pleasure Palace: Lavishly decorated rooms with gold-plated tissue boxes and priceless artwork. Each bedroom was covered in mirrors and everything was filmed with hidden cameras.  In an isolated palace on the island of Borneo.

Way to Do: Each night the 40 harem girls would dress up and party with the prince and three or four of his cronies, vying for his attention so he would pick one and disappear with her for a half-hour.  The prince usually tested the new talent one at a time, but also liked an occasional threesome or small orgy.


Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner 7 girlfriends

Who he is?  Hugh Hefner is the founder of Playboy magazine.

Name: Hugh Hefner’s ‘girlfriends’

Number: between 3 and 15 girlfriends at any one time

Type: All almost identical blonde Playboy models.  Good old Hef had twin sisters in his harem at least twice.

Hierarchy: One of the group will be chosen to be Girlfriend No 1. She will share Hefner’s  bedroom at all times, while the others are merely visitors.

Picking: Must be a blonde Playboy model.

Frequency: Only twice a week… he is 80 years old!

Pleasure Palace: Some kind of baisodrome inside the Playboy Mansion.

Way to Do: A reverse gangbang with all his girlfriends.  Hef is lying on his back with a Viagra pot on his side.  His Girlfriend No.1 “prepare” him, all his other girlfriends rides him bareback (no condon) one after the other.  His Girlfriend No.1 finish him off.

Hugh Hefner king of the world



PYGOD wrestler

Who he is?  PYGOD is a blogger/webmaster passionate about porn and masturbation.

Name: PYGOD’s wivesTop 30

Number: 30

Type: all porn stars.  14 blondes, 15 brunettes, 1 with red/pink hair.  18 with fake boobs. All with long hair.

23 are American, 4 are European, 1 is Canadian, 1 is Japanese, 1 is Indian

18 have D+ boobs, 12 have C and below.  With a boobs size range of AA to HH.  Height ranges from 4’11” to 6’0″.  Shoe size are from 5 to 10.  2 have freaky big bubble ass. 1 is covered with tattoos.  All are bombastic awesome ladies!

Hierarchy: not really, a fixed ranking by seniority and wankability

Picking: Heartfelt and Wankability

Frequency: Jerks-off 1 to 3 times a day

Pleasure Palace: His basement office, his bedroom, and the bathroom.

Way to Do: Jerking off to whatever he damn well pleases

PYGOD's wives top 30 Harem

PYGOD‘s wives

Top 30


The above book was written by an intelligent, free woman who assume her choice and enjoyed her experience into an Harem…  The book below is the opposite.  Poorly written by an ungrateful bitch who just try to make some more money on Hef’s back.


http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/girls/articles/2010-08/12/gq-sex-and-relationships-anka-radakovich-on-sex-in-prince-jefris-harems http://www.enewsbuilder.net/tusker/e_article001674864.cfm?x=bgLmM3Q,b2N7vrrr,w http://nypost.com/2009/12/27/my-nights-at-the-harem/



Tanner Mayes close my 30-girl PYGOD’s wives Harem



I’d just need a teen to close my 30-girl PYGOD’s wives Harem. And Tanner Mayes is the perfect choice!

My Harem was of 25 bombastic, fantastic girls.  But after reading some stuff about a manga character having his own 30 women Harem.  I said to myself: “Oh gosh!  A 30-girl harem seems like a perfect number to me!”  I had already 4 of my regular jerks-off girls / nominees / not yet PYGOD’s wives in bank.  So I’ve made those 4 wonderful wankable dream girls officially PYGOD’s wives.

But I was still short of one girl to get my 30-girl PYGOD’s wives Harem.  Was I’m going to make one of my two marginal wanking oddities (Yvette Bova, Helena Renata)an official PYGOD’s wives?  I hope not!  Since I’m a teen lover and there isn’t a single teen in my Harem.  A friend of mine suggested that I needed a teen to close my 30-girl PYGOD’s wives Harem.  What an excellent idea!  So instead of rediscovering my circus freak porn stars.  I’ve started to search porn dumpsters all over the web to find my perfect teen girl.  She must be sweet and sexy…  Dirty and naughty…  And with the youngest look you can get.  Only one name came to my mind.  TANNER MAYES.  Tanner Mayes, as you can see, is youthful looking brunette with a cute teenager face, virtually no tits, a fantastic ass and a perfect bald snatch.  Tanner Mayes gave very long rimjobs to the old man ass of Herschel Savage and she is very deep into foot fetish.  Two things that I love!  While I was “searching” for maybe another teen on the web.  I’d know deep inside that Tanner Mayers was THE teen of my heart.

My friend (the one who originally suggested that I needed a teen into my Harem) reaction was: “c’est la total jpense ben que ton top 30 my wife est clo félicitation partenaire.”  Yes indeed, my top 30 PYGOD’s wives is officially closed, no vacancy.  My weenie have all he can handle till the end of time…  Maybe not?


Brunette teen Tanner Mayes scores very high in three critical categories.



Tanner Mayes Babysitter Diaries


Anal With Tanner Mayes


There is SOOO MUCH material available on Tanner Mayes on the net that my masturbation fun will be endless…  My 10 last jerks-off of the last 6 days were made on Tanner Mayes.  And my tonight sleeptime jerk-off will also be courtesy of Tanner Mayes.

Long live the GOD and his 30 PYGOD’s wives!



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