Jenna Jameson Hand Over Mouth handgagged

Jenna Jameson HOM hand over mouth


Jenna Jameson, Wicked One (1995) scene 1 – 7 min


In the episode of Family Guy (Season 03 Episode 02), “Brian Does Hollywood”, Jenna Jameson was cast in an adult film directed by the dog, Brian Griffin, also starring Samuel L. Jackson(?).  The film was nominated for an Adult Movie Award.  Then, Jenna Jameson was kidnapped by moron Peter Griffin as a souvenir from the family’s Hollywood vacation.  He had Jenna Jameson tied up, bound and gagged in the back of the plane.

Personally, if I was to kidnap Jenna Jameson, I would use her as a lot more than a souvenir.

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Jenna Jameson bound & gagged

Family Guy – Brian Does Hollywood (2001 – #3.2)

Jenna Jameson (voice)

Jenna Jameson bound gaggedJenna Jameson bound gagged Family Guy

Title: Family Guy – Brian Does Hollywood (2001 – #3.2)
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Animated (voiced by Jenna Jameson)

Description: In the last minutes, Jenna Jameson (voiced by same) is seen wrapped in rope and cleavegagged, mmmphing as Peter tells her that she’ll “love it at our house.”

She’s his unwilling “souvenir” of the family’s trip to Tinseltown.




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