Janine Lindemulder vs Jenna Jameson


Janine Lindemulder
Janine Lindemulder
Jenna Jameson
Jenna Jameson

Janine vs Jenna (69:38)

Janine Lindemulder vs Jenna Jameson

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10 Replies to “Janine Lindemulder vs Jenna Jameson”

  1. Hello,
    Hi Janine: I have wanted to mention that I have read some things in the documents that make me enjoy your video clips more. I say clipd because I have watched the video with Dianna Lauren (the first I saw) and the way that you went into her she had not have much chance to escape your arms; you devoured her well. I read that you were only doing girls for a long time. Lesbians are treated to your techniques but the action is hot for guys to watch. You were PH pet about 20 years ago and you are hot in the last image I saw of you from 2013. Send me more if you wish, thanks.

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