Annette Schwarz Greatest Hits


“sÉ LA TRUIE DES TRUIE……meme quand elle était infirmiere auxiliare..son fantasme était de se taper un des vieux invalide qu’elle lavait”           — an expert

“Annette is a savage, greedy, whore. She has no shame, inhibitions, or morals of any kind, and takes genuine pleasure in being a pig. She is the real sexual beast, who puts any Hollywood pinup bimbo to shame. I thank the Lord she exists.”      — a fan

– I drink all the piss I get offered
– I take all the cock no matter how big or long they are in my as, mouth, pussy…
– I take all the man handeling a man can offer
– I take the biggest loads in or on every part of my body
– I serve every man as the perfect slut……
– I can say I am a good slut, no?
— Annette Schwarz list

”Sex as much as possible, sex with men and women, sex 24 hours a day, sex enough for seven lives. So on my eighteens birthday I made my first contract with a famous porn production, too curious to wait even one more day. As I always was different from other girls in my age, not money but the pure pleasure and hornyness attracted me to porn.”    — Annette Schwarz

“I feel like when I worked in the fucking hospital, and all the fucking old people shit in their pants all the time. Man, they fuckin turn me on. It’s just, I wanna suck their assholes. It’s a good thing with fucking old people in the hospital. They don’t know anymore what’s going on. Nobody is believing them. You can do whataver you want with them. You can fuckin suck their cocks, you can lick their asses, you can throw up all over them. They don’t care. Piss in their fucking drinks and they have to drink it. Yes, nobody believes them. They are fucking old people.”   — Annette Schwarz (2007)



Deepthroat cock & balls

Ass to Mouth


Squirt Bukkake

Cum Swallowing

Annette Schwarz HOM handgagged in the first video.

Enama Facial




Piss Drinking



Annette Schwarz Masturbation Muse Of The Year 2011

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