40 Wives Harem

I’ve got 34 Wives now but 40 seems to be an interesting number.

PYGOD's wives banner


Why should I have 40 PYGOD’s wives?

Because Prince Jefri of Brunei has 40 women in his harem.

Because all of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zayed Khalifa’s forty wives got their period at the exact same time.

Because Warren Buffet wrongfully said: “If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.”

Because Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s had 40 “virgin” female bodyguards.

In the animal kingdom, elephant seal and fur seal powerful males, known as bulls, establish territories and gather harems of up to 40 females, battling their rivals to establish dominance.

Enough said! 40 is a magical number… That’s the reasons why I need 40 wives in my Harem.


PYGOD's wives top 30 Harem
My Top 30 / PYGOD’s wives currently.


My nominees to fill the spots 35 to 40. (Love TwinsMadison Ivy, and Mercedes Ashley been added)

The name of the girls (including a link) and the number of FAP by years courtesy of each of these lovely ladies.

Love Twins  9 (2010); 7 (2011); 2 (2013) = 18  (up to last month end, 29 in 2014) = 45

Madison Ivy  9 (2013);  (up to last month end, 26 in 2014) = 35

Mercedes Ashley 20 (from November 1 to November 30) 31 in the two last months of 2014

Shyla Stylez  6 (2010); 3 (2011); 6 (2012); 5 (2013) = 20  (up to last month end, 10 in 2014) = 30

Jayden Cole 10 (2010)#5 ; 3 (2011); <3(2012); 3 (2013) = 16 (up to last month end, 11 in 2014) = 27

Jesse Jane  6 (2010); 4 (2012); 5 (2013) = 15  (up to last month end, 4 in 2014) = 19

Carmen Luvana  12 (2013); (up to last month end, 1)

Monica Mattos  4 (2010); 3 (2013) (up to last month end, 5 in 2014) = 12

Bree Olson  3 (2011); 5 (2013) (up to last month end, 6 in 2014) = 14

Sandra B / Carmen Armania  3 (2011); 7 (2013) = 10

Misty Rain  4 (2012); 2 (2013)  (up to last month end, 5 in 2014) = 11

Yvette Bova  4 (2010); 3 (2011); 2 (2013)

Tianna Lynn  7 (2011);

Bridgette B   2 (2013)   (up to last month end, 7 in 2014) = 9

Shay Sweet  3 (2013)  (up to last month end, 3 in 2014) = 6

Alexa Parks  3 (2010); 1 (2013)  (up to last month end, 12 in 2014) = 16

Bonnie Rotten  (up to last month end, 7 in 2014)

Kristi Myst   3 (2011); (up to last month end, 9 in 2014) = 12

Sexy Cora   (up to last month end, 7 in 2014)


Do any of the above girls have what it’s take to be a PYGOD‘s wives? Only time will tell…

Harem anime requirements

What I need in my Top 40?

In Building an anime harem Twins are suggested, but for me twin sisters are a must. My Identical Twin Sisters are The Love Twins

Like J-Pimpe, un des Joualliers, would say: “… putes blacks, putes jaunes, putes rouges, putes naines…” Which mean I need ebony women, Asians, Native Americans, and dwaft girls in my Harem!?!
Putes Blacks (ebony) Monique, Pinky
Putes Jaunes (Asian) Tera Patrick, Mana Izumi, Priya Rai
Putes Rouges (Native American but Latina will be just fine) Eva Angelina, Mercedes Ashley
Putes Naines (midgets however they are too ugly, Helena Renata, so below 5-feet will be okay) Davia Ardell (4’11”), Pinky (4’11”), Madison Ivy (4’11”)

Tall women: Debi Diamond (6′), Nicole Sheridan (5’10”), Annette Schwarz (5’11”)

What about the Muslim’s 72 Virgins in Jannah (Paradise)?
72 Virgins

It’s good to be King… and have 40 Virgin Female Guards.

Callorhinus_ursinus_and_haremA Northern fur seal with his Harem of 40 females

40 women harem billionaire
You’re wrong Warren. I know all my Girls really well!

Immortan Joe’s Wives / the Five Wives
Mad Max: Fury Road’s Immortan Joe doesn’t have 40 wives but Five Wives locked up inside his fortress behind a re-purposed bank vault door and wearing chastity belts held closed by padlocks is a very interesting concept.



https://sites.google.com/site/alphamalezone/Home/d-i-y-build-your-own-harem http://www.idfa.nl/industry/tags/project.aspx?id=8d8a0dc5-f148-437a-bc58-dd7e92addbd9



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