Sexiest Woman In The World

Tera Patrick Sexiest Woman of All Time

Fuck you Jennifer Aniston, Tera Patrick is the Sexiest Woman of All Time.

Tera Patrick - Sexiest Woman In The Entire World
Tera Patrick: Sexiest Woman of All Time

Tera Patrick, USA, 5’9″, 132 lbs, 36D-24-36  shoe size: 9
Started in porn at 23 years old (1999)

Half Asian / Half Caucasian
Her mother is Thai. Her father was an American of English and Dutch descent.

Forever stunning, Tera Patrick is at her best in Farmer’s Daughters Do Beverly Hills (1999) in her orange bikini in her limo fuck scene with Voodoo.

At the time, Tera Patrick was 23 years old.  It was her first year in porn.

Real hair, real color, real nails, real tan, natural tits… Nothing fake about her.  100% Natural.  Tera Patrick doesn’t even need make-up.  She is just that perfect!

Unfortunately, she “wasted” her Absolute Beauty and Divine Perfection with breasts implants and tattoos???…  And yes, that comment come from a die hard fake boobs fan.  And yes, Tera Patrick’s 36D natural tits were absolutely gorgeous and better than perfect.  So get those fuckin’ knives off of Tera’s boobs!!!  And no, tattoos on chicks didn’t bother me.  And yes, I’m myself covered with a lot of ink.  But do not profane the most perfect body ever created by god with your motherfuckin’ silly tattoos!!!  That’s a sacrilege!!!

Anyway, Tera Patrick is the most perfect woman to ever walk the earth.

Tera Patrick’s Beauty is Sublime and Universal. period.

Tera Patrick limo fuck scene

Tera Patrick at her best in an orange bikini

Tera Patrick orange bikini limousine

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The Sexiest Body Award AKA the Tera Patrick Award
AKA the Tera Patrick Award

Helena Renata Midget Porn Star


Dominika aka Lilly aka Helena RenataHelena Renata is easily the best looking midget in the business.  She started her career under the name Lilly when she has short hair doing movies like Fisting Pigmy and Pissing Pygmy in Chains.  In 2002, she was starring in Nacho: Latin Psycho 2 Crazy Assylum (2002) under the name Dominika taking Anal Facial DP A2M IR and rimjob to male.


Blonde Midget fuck a hat man (9:23)

Blonde Midget (8:56)

The Sexiest Midget (9:23)

Helena Renata (as submissive midget Cynthia) foursome with 2 guys and a strapon chick

Midget porn star Helena Renata getting fuck (13 min.)

Helena Renata Midget Porn Star
Helena Renata Midget Porn Star

Helena Renata Sexiest Midget
Helena Renata Sexiest Midget
Helena Renata formerly known as Lilly
Helena Renata formerly known as Lilly