Lifetime Silicone Stroker

Lifetime Silicone Stroker: The First Masturbator Built For Military Men

Doubting of the durability of a Fleshlight I was immediately attracted by the possible “lifetime” durability of this product.

They even have the selling point of being a mold of a 3D scan of the Most Beautiful Vagina In The World!!!


Very interesting publicity videos, I will probably buy one as soon as I have an answer for them by email. Question to get more informations and test their customer service.


Here are the link of the undestructible pleasure device in question.




SEX BOTS will replace women

An excellent article that I’ve found on the excellent BlackDragon Blog  authored by the Blackdragon himself.


What Will Happen When the Sex Robots Arrive?

They’re coming.

Oh yes, they’re coming.
And they’re coming much sooner than most of you seem to think.
And when they do, everything will change.
Some of it will be good. Some of it will be bad. But everything will change.
I’ve written about this topic before but I’ve never written a comprehensive analysis. Here’s the bottom line: In our lifetimes, and much sooner than people seem to think, technology will reach a point where you will be able to have sex with a female robot that will either be indistinguishable from a real human woman, or at least close enough to where your cock won’t care. At first, these robots will be quite expensive, and only rich guys will be able to afford them. However, just like every other piece of technology that has ever been created, eventually these prices will drop down into the realm of the middle class, and then the working poor.
This means that even Joe Blow, the beta male auto mechanic with no game, will be able to purchase a robot that looks just like Emily Rostenkowski, Gal Gadot or any other celebrity or “type” he thinks is super hot. Again, to be clear, this robot will either be indistinguishable from a real woman, or so close to a real woman that his cock won’t care at all.
This hot, young, ageless, skinny, fit “woman” will fuck him any way he wants, as much as he wants, whenever he wants, without ever demanding any money, dates, dinners, cuddling, relationship, marriage, kindness, respect, orgasms, conversations, children, jewelry, or anything else women today expect or demand for sex.
Nope, he doesn’t have to do any of that, and he’ll just have sex with a super hot robot-woman that will never give him drama, gain weight, get old, complain about headaches, say she’s “too tired for sex today,” complain about her pussy getting too sore, or not be 100% enthusiastic during sex, exactly the way he likes. She will kiss his ass (perhaps even literally), do everything he wants in bed with a smile on her face, with literally zero effort from him, forever.
Everything. Will. Change.
If you don’t believe this is going to happen very soon, then stop reading this for a minute, do a Google image search for “sex robot,” and take a look at the robots that have already been invented. You will be shocked at how far they’ve already come. I certainly was.
Look me in the eye and tell me you’d never have sex with any of these things, even if just for fun. I’ll say it: I would. Not all of them, but at least a few of them. And again, it’s only 2018. Just imagine how these things are going to look ten years from now.
It’s going to blow your mind.
And maybe your cock too.
The Objections
Before I describe how society will change when this happens, I’ve to address the objections that I hear when this topic is discussed.
The first objection is that women and/or feminists will freak out and make these sex robots illegal. They will attempt to make up some bullshit about how inserting your dick into a machine is somehow abusive towards women. They will then somehow succeed in getting left-wing governments to go along with this, making these robots illegal and thus unavailable to men.
Yes, this could happen. As I’ve shown repeatedly on my blogs, the entire Western world continues to move to the political left even post-Trump and post-Brexit. It is entirely possible that women will indeed succeed at getting a few left-wing governments to outlaw female sex robots so the evil terrible men who have sex with machines won’t be able to abuse women in that horrible way. Never mind the fact that women will still be allowed to fuck their machines (vibrators), but no one has ever accused women or left-wingers of being fair.
Now here’s the question: Will this stop men from fucking sex robots?
Well, drugs are illegal. Does that stop people from doing drugs? Numerous types of guns and assault rifles are illegal in the USA. Does that stop people from using them in mass shootings? Hell, last time I checked, prostitution was illegal in most Western countries, the USA included. Does that mean men don’t fuck hookers?
Please. Don’t make me laugh. Of course not. Laws in the social realms don’t work, as I’ve been saying for over 25 years. If sex robots become illegal, all that means is that the price will go up and guys will purchase them illegally, just like they purchase prostitution services illegally now. It might put a damper on their usage with certain types of men, but it won’t stop a damn thing.
The next objection is that men won’t go for it since the sex “won’t feel the same” or because the robots “won’t look exactly the same” or “the uncanny valley will creep guys out” or “it won’t seem the same.”
I’m not sure if people who say these things have ever met a man before. Most men fuck their own hands on a daily basis. Does your hand feel like a woman? Does it “seem” like a woman? Men jerk off to porn, including Japanese Anime porn, which are fucking cartoons. Does that “feel the same” as a real woman?
Jesus. C’mon. Stop being silly. We’re men. Sexually speaking, the vast majority of us don’t care about that crap, even those of us who are more highly evolved and have higher IQ’s or whatever. Yes, there will always be a certain smaller percentage of men who are sexual purists and who would never “lower themselves” to fuck a robot even if she looks and acts identical to a real woman, and I’m sure I’ll see a few of these guys in the comments below. “I would never have sex with a robot! That’s just too creepy! I’m a real man/Alpha, and a real man/Alpha fucks a real woman! I need a REAL woman or I’ll just go without sex!” Okay, but you’re in the tiny minority and don’t represent most men.
The next objection is that these robots can’t replace a woman in a relationship. Sure, you can have sex with them, but men want more than that, don’t they?
Well, some men actually don’t. I know a lot of anti-woman, anti-sex MGTOW guys and really old men who would love to just fuck a hot robot for the rest of their lives and never bother with a relationship. I would.
But yes, most men do want a relationship with a woman, at least eventually. So what? Who says men can’t do both? Bang your hot robot, then when you’re ready for a relationship with a real woman, go ahead. Then keep your robot turned off in the closet for those times when your girlfriend or wife isn’t in the mood or isn’t available, which, if you’re dumb enough to be long-term monogamous, will be quite often once you hit the three-year mark. And if she actually says you’re “not allowed” to fuck your robot while she dates you, you’ll know what to do… next her ass and go find a less sexually uptight woman. (She would never make that demand though, as I’m about to explain.)
How Things Will Change
Once female sex robots become A) visually viable to the point where the typical, average man would have sex with one and enjoy it and B) inexpensive enough to be purchased by the typical, middle-class guy (which means lower-class or poor men could rent and/or borrow them), everything will change. It will be the greatest shift in sexual power since the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s, perhaps even more so.
All of a sudden, all of the things men now have to do in order to have sex with a woman will no longer be required. Looking good, making lots of money, going out on dates, screwing around at bars and clubs and on dating sites, listening to women talk for hours on end, paying for expensive dates, hookers, or sugar babies, surrendering to traditional monogamous marriage or monogamous boyfriend status (in the case of beta males at least), learning game, putting up with women’s constant demands… all of that will be… gone.
Men won’t have to do any of that stuff anymore to get sex.
Again, yes, they’ll have to do that stuff to get into a serious relationship with a human woman, but that only represents a percentage of men. I don’t know what that percentage is, but it’s well under 50%, particularly when you consider that lots of men get into a relationship primarily because it’s the only way they know how to get sex (again, beta males, which represent most men). Women hate it when I say that, but it’s factually true. (I didn’t say it was the only reason these men get into relationships, I said it’s the primary reason.)
A lot of women reading this are going to assume that’s not true, and that all men want (and put up with) dating and relationships only because they want relationships. HA! Ohhhhh boy, these women are in for a fuckin’ shock in a few years when this all happens.
The pool of men available for women to marry or date in a serious relationship is going to fall by at least 75%, perhaps even more. It’s going to be a dating bloodbath for women. Women will be horrified, shocked, angry, and confused. They’re going to try to get a boyfriend or husband, and the dating sites will be barren wastelands. The typical over age 33 woman is going to make demands of a man on or before the first or second date, and even if he’s a total beta he’ll just laugh at her, leave, and go fuck his Margot Robbie robot at home, who is far hotter than her and never makes demands of him.
Women are going to be screwed. For the first time in all of human history, they will be placed in direct competition with a new breed of woman that loves to fuck all day long, doesn’t require any money, kindness, or obedience, is far better looking than the average, never ages, and never gains weight.
Oh my god.
Yes, they’ll try to make them illegal. They’ll try all kinds of insane things. None of them will work. Men in the millions are still going to get these things and fuck them.
In the end, women will be forced to be more compliant. They will have to start doing things like have sex on the first date, be less demanding about monogamy or financial support, and be less insistent regarding men doing whatever they want. Oh, they won’t want to do these things, but most of them will have to do these things if they want a long-term romantic companion.
I have lots of anecdotal evidence of this already. Many men who live in countries where prostitution is 100% legal report to me that normal women have much lower ASD, rarely demand things like dinner dates, and fuck men on first dates without much of a problem, since these women know they’re in direct competition with ubiquitous, legal prostitutes.
This brings me to the last objection, which is that while men are fucking female robots, women won’t care because they’ll be fucking male robots. Uh, no. Do you see the internet full of male prostitutes? No. You see female ones. Why? One of the biggest reasons is because women generally want more from a man than just sex. They want attention, validation, conversation, and so on.
Granted, far down the road, these robots will be indistinguishable from real humans, in that you’ll be able to meet one at the grocery store and carry on a conversation with it and have no idea it’s actually a robot. When we get to that point, then yes, male robots will indeed be competition for human men. Though with female robots who are just as amazing, will men care? Nope. The problem is dumb-but-hyper-realistic sex robots will be invented many decades before this happens, so women are going to have to face this challenge regardless.
It’s going to be brutal. It’s going to be extremely interesting to see what women do and how they will react to their massive power over men being removed like this.
We have no idea what’s coming.

More or less correct. They might decide to work mimimum time required to have a 1 room housing with fast internet connection. Then they can play online games, watch movies and have sex twice a day with almost-human 10 robot sex slave. The omega males today already live like that – but with internet porn instead of robot. With this upgrade it will include lower half of beta males for a solid 40% or so total.  So I guess I’m an omega!?!

What Will Happen When the Sex Robots Arrive?



Masturbation Muse Of The Year 2017

Masturbation Muses 2017

Name of the Lady and the Number of times (cumshots) I’ve Jerked-off to her. The Woman with the most cumshots wins the prestigious Award of My Masturbation Muse Of The Year 2017

  1. Goldie Blair Gold medal – first place – 24 cumshots
  2. Sasha Foxxx Silver medal – second place – 20 cumshots
  3. Jayden Cole Bronze medal – third place – 18 cumshots
  4. Shyla Stylez (PYGOD’s wives Number 35) – 14 cumshots
  5. Anna Miller (PYGOD’s wives Number 36) – 13 cumshots
  6. Jasmin St.Claire (PYGOD’s wives Number 2) – 12 cumshots
  7. Monique (PYGOD’s wives Number 17) – 12 cumshots
  8. Krystal Steal (PYGOD’s wives Number 29) – 12 cumshots
  9. Raylene (PYGOD’s wives Number 5) – 11 cumshots
  10. Nikita Denise (PYGOD’s wives Number 10) – 10 cumshots
  11. Eva Angelina (PYGOD’s wives Number 20) – 9 cumshots
  12. Sexy Cora – 9 cumshots
  13. Gina Ryder (PYGOD’s wives Number 7) – 8 cumshots
  14. Alexandra Nice (PYGOD’s wives Number 9) – 8 cumshots
  15. Nicole Sheridan (PYGOD’s wives Number 12) – 8 cumshots
  16. Jayna James / Amy Anderssen (PYGOD’s wives Number 23) – 8 cumshots
  17. Janine Lindemulder (PYGOD’s wives Number 26) – 8 cumshots
  18. Jill Kelly (PYGOD’s wives Number 3) – 7 cumshots
  19. Tina Cheri (PYGOD’s wives Number 8) – 7 cumshots
  20. Tanner Mayes (PYGOD’s wives Number 30) – 7 cumshots
  21. Madison Ivy (PYGOD’s wives Number 33) – 7 cumshots
  22. Candie Evans (PYGOD’s wives Number 13) – 6 cumshots
  23. Holly Body (PYGOD’s wives Number 16) – 6 cumshots
  24. Carmen Luvana – 6 cumshots
  25. Davia Ardell (PYGOD’s wives Number 15) – 5 cumshots
  26. Cindy Crawford (PYGOD’s wives Number 19) – 5 cumshots
  27. Belladonna (PYGOD’s wives Number 21) – 5 cumshots
  28. Mana Izumi (PYGOD’s wives Number 25) – 5 cumshots
  29. Priya Rai (PYGOD’s wives Number 27) – 5 cumshots
  30. Elicia Solis – 5 cumshots
  31. Sara Jay – 5 cumshots
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  39. Misty Rain – 4 cumshots
  40. Pamela Kayne – 4 cumshots
  41. Tori Welles (PYGOD’s wives Number 14) – 3 cumshots
  42. Annette Schwarz (PYGOD’s wives Number 22) – 3 cumshots
  43. Love Twins (PYGOD’s wives Number 31 & 32) – 3 cumshots
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  51. PYGOD’s wives – 2 cumshots
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  74. Top 11 scenes – 1 cumshot
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I’ve jerked off only 415 times, including 218 on my PYGOD’s wives) in 2017. My numbers are low thanks, but no thanks, to my weird idea of having a two months porn reboot in order to re-become Le Franchiseur (sex god serial fucker elite performer) that I was before I realized that you can get STD even if you wear a condon.

WTF? I always had some king of weird idea and “goal” at the end of summer. Just like a few year ago when I thought about re-becoming the full-time stock market speculator that I was until 2010, two years after the stock market crash wasting away years of dedication and most importantly MONEY!!!

However, fortunately, I don’t only had shitty crazy flashback in the past and self-validation bullshit desires on summer time. After all, I officially became a Porn Webmaster  on August 30, 2005. Which was and still is a good risk-free enjoyable vocation.

Collectioning booties is a bottomless waste of time and Money all in the sake of self-validation purpose and sex with unworthy sluts. Otherwise say, I’m a PORNOSEXUAL 4 Life. Endless pleasure without any risk (STDs, pregnancy, sexual harassment lawsuits, dishonest hookers…) and bullshit (game, dating, relationships, lame sex, unattractive bitches, waste of time and Money…).in love with the porno

As for my life as a stock market speculator. I’m done with it, the flame is gone since 2010.

So the wisdom quote of my life story could be:

“Don’t run from who you’ve become. Embrace it and grow from it. And you will never lose sight of what you really want and truly enjoy.”

In my case it’s mean:

(Time & Money)






Enough of my life choices, now let’s get back to the sex life of the Anaconda 1%, which is my Elite cock, my favorite toy.



  1. FACIAL (cumshot, squirt, cum in mouth, swallow, cleanup) – 137 TIMES
  2. FEET100 TIMES
  3. BlowJob (including deepthroat, head fuck, and double BJ) – 48 times
  4. Fucked – 36 times
  5. HOM handgagging – 35 times
  6. Rimjob to male – 34 times
  7. Anal – 17 times
  8. Lesbian Kissing – 13 times



  1. Eva Angelina (PYGOD’s wives Number 20) – 120
  2. Raylene (PYGOD’s wives Number 5) – 113
  3. Jasmin St.Claire (PYGOD’s wives Number 2) – 107
  4. Jill Kelly (PYGOD’s wives Number 3) – 103
  5. Monique (PYGOD’s wives Number 17) – 100
  6. Shyla Stylez (PYGOD’s wives Number 35) – 100
  7. Pinky (PYGOD’s wives Number 24) – 98
  8. Nikita Denise (PYGOD’s wives Number 10) – 98
  9. Priya Rai (PYGOD’s wives Number 27) – 92
  10. Nicole Sheridan (PYGOD’s wives Number 12) – 89
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  12. Janine Lindemulder (PYGOD’s wives Number 26) – 88
  13. Cindy Crawford (PYGOD’s wives Number 19) – 86
  14. Candie Evans (PYGOD’s wives Number 13) – 84
  15. Krystal Steal (PYGOD’s wives Number 29) – 80
  16. PYGOD’s wives – 78
  17. Gina Ryder (PYGOD’s wives Number 7) – 76
  18. Holly Body (PYGOD’s wives Number 16) – 72
  19. Madison Ivy (PYGOD’s wives Number 33) – 71
  20. Annette Schwarz (PYGOD’s wives Number 22) – 71
  21. Tanner Mayes (PYGOD’s wives Number 30) – 69
  22. Love Twins (PYGOD’s wives Number 31 & 32) – 66
  23. Belladonna (PYGOD’s wives Number 21) – 65
  24. Jenna Jameson (PYGOD’s wives Number 1) – 60
  25. Jayden Cole – 57
  26. Mercedes Ashley (PYGOD’s wives Number 34) – 55
  27. Tera Patrick (PYGOD’s wives Number 11) – 55
  28. Davia Ardell (PYGOD’s wives Number 15) – 54
  29. Tina Cheri (PYGOD’s wives Number 8) – 50
  30. Debi Diamond (PYGOD’s wives Number 4) – 49
  31. Mana Izumi (PYGOD’s wives Number 25) – 48
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  34. Tania Russof (PYGOD’s wives Number 28) – 45
  35. Anna Miller (PYGOD’s wives Number 36) – 43
  36. JR Carrington (PYGOD’s wives Number 6) – 43
  37. Tori Welles (PYGOD’s wives Number 14) – 42
  38. Goldie Blair – 42
  39. Sasha Foxxx – 21



Married to MY PYGOD‘s wives 

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