Tim Sharky

Tim Sharky is a modern personification of the Alpha Male.
 “A former Gold Coast Loan Shark and nightclub owner divides his time between Pattaya, Thailand, where he documents online his exploits with local prostitutes, and surfers’ paradise where he retains a $4.3 M waterfront home”.

Tim Sharky self made millionaire gangster pimp

Timothy John Ward was born in 1965 in Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand, and is better known as Tim Sharky.

Tim Sharky is a self-made underground gangster and loan shark boss turned internet celebrity.  His second home is Pattaya, Thailand, arguably the world’s biggest brothel. 


“I Went to Pattaya for the Sex, I Stayed for the Steroids”



Where did his money come from? 

Shark Financial ServicesTim Sharky Ward Pattaya President

TITS and ASS …TITS and ASS…TITS and ASS…that’s what Sharky does for a living. Sharky lives in Pattaya – the epicentre of Thailand’s sex tourism industry, where he originally went to get cheap steroids and budget shags. But he loved it so much – he stayed – turning his past time into a full time job. […]
Tim Sharky Ward thai naked amateur photo Tim Sharky Ward thai naked amateur photo
 Tim Sharky pimp Tim Sharky Ward Thai bitch naked pussy
 Tim Sharky ConfessionsOfAPimp
Tim Sharky Ward pulling Thai hoes
Tim Sharky is the World’s Biggest Brothel (Pattaya, Thailand) Biggest PiMP with over 600 hoes in his stable.
 Tim Sharly pimp hooker conversation
Pattaya Thailand drunk bitch street
World’s Biggest Brothel Pattaya, Thailand

Former big-time loan shark and nightclub owner in Aussie. Tim Sharky Ward is now the self-proclaimed Biggest PiMP in Pattaya, Thailand pimping over 600 Prostitutes. And it is rumoured that Tim still operates independently in the loan business. Tim has visibly amassed considerable wealth, and it is speculated that he is worth over $100 Millions. He regularly flies first class, owns a fleet of sports cars and a number of properties. Many also speculate that he is linked to mafia circles, and that new financial interests remain well hidden from the public eye – hiding behind the facade of a retired, ex gangster who enjoys a quiet life of gym, screwing Thai hookers, and feeding animals. He still owns a property and nightclubs in Australia.

Just looking at all his fleet of luxury cars and his palaces, it’s not hard to believe that you must be worth several dozens of millions of dollars to afford such a leisure lifestyle. $$$$$$:-)$$$$$$

Worth over $100 Millions


Yes I own everything I have. Paid in Cash.. The only thing i rent is Pussy.. Because i dont fucking want to own it”.
tim-sharky-new-car tim-shark-bike-motor-cycle tim-sharky-car-collection
jetski-tim-sharky tim-sharky-green-chopper-bike
tim-sharky-ward-new-car-pics tim-sharky-ward-new-car
 tim-sharky-cars Tim-Sharky-Ward-Lambo-Orange


“Fast Cars and Bad Bitches.. I have wasted millions
on both.. 
Life ain’t going to last forever.. So enjoy it while you
 Tim Sharky Ward harem
He is an animal lover 

“If You Hurt Animals I Will Hunt You Down !!”


”I take testosterone, I take Deca [a popular, slow-bulking, synthetic steroid] for my joints and muscle tears and I take human growth hormones, which is phenomenal in that it gives me enormous energy and makes me so much more alert.”
Tim Sharky is 6’1″, 280 pounds 
 He claims to be one of the toughest street fighters ever to come out of Australia.






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