Kim Kardashian bound & gagged

Bound and gagged Kim Kardashian Halloween costume
Kim Kardashian Bound & Gagged     Parisian Heist Robbery Victim

In a real-life event, Mrs Kim Kardashian West was bound and gagged in the bathroom of her Paris hotel suit last week while she was victim of an heist robbery.

A Kim Kardashian BDSM Bondage Halloween costume was made to corroborate the event. The costume featured a bound and gagged Kim Kardashian and was named ‘Parisian heist robbery victim’.

Kim Kardashian ‘Paris Heist Robbery Victim’ Halloween costume included:

  • fake gag
  • white short sexy robe
  • two feet of rope
  • a wig
  • sunglasses
  • ring

The costume was being sold for $69.99 (£56.85) on Costumeish.

Kim Kardashian ‘Paris Heist Robbery Victim’ Halloween costume was retired due to Kanye West and the Kardashians Family complains.


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