JWoww Jenni Farley

JWOWW Jenni Farley is “The Body” of Jersey Shore.

Born in February 27, 1986.  Height: 5’8.5” (174 cm)    Weight: around 120 pounds  Measurements: 36-24-36

jwoww lesbo kiss

jwoww lesbo kiss

Jwoww tattoo

JWOWW tattoo

JWoww sexy bikini

JWoww sexy bikini


JWoww the Body

JWoww the Body


Jwoww hates clothes

Jwoww hates clothes


JWoww Jenni Farley of Jersey Shore

Jwoww MTV New Year party

Jwoww MTV New Year party

Jenni Farley pre fame topless

Jenni Farley pre-fame topless

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JWoww Jenni Farley Hardcore Porn Casting


Snooki and Deena are lesbian together

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