Charlese LaMour cab

Charlese Lamour feet soles pussy ass
Charlese Lamour feet soles pussy ass

When Charlese LaMour gets into an argument with her husband at a restraint, she leaves and grabs a cab out of there.  After a trip through the drive-thru at Taco Bell, she goes back to get him and they end up sucking and fucking in the back of the cab.  Charlese sucks her husband off, taking his load on her face and tongue.

In other words, Charlese LaMour Las Vegas husband & wife cab fuck. The hot blonde getting fucked in the taxi cab in the missionary position. Then suck him off till he cums on her face and tongue.  Feet soles lovers like me will love this scene. Just seeing the sexy feet soles and the pussy & ass AKA love snatch of Charlese while she sucks off the guy in the taxi cab is far than enough to enjoy this scene.

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