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Tried VR porn, and we are F**KED.

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VR porn is going to ruin lives.Image result for vr pornWe have summoned the demon, folks. The virtual world of hedonism is so immersive, accessible, and pleasurable it will spread like a virus. The VR-porn Borg is here, and resistance is futile (or at least it will be for most men).


I first gave up porn in 2012 when I realized how damaging in was to my sex life. It changed my life in a very positive way. At one stage I went nearly three years without seeing a single video.

Recently, however, I gave into the darkness. 

As an early adopter of VR tech, at first I was quite happy just to be in Jurassic Park or on a space roller coaster. (Here is an embarrassing video of me first trying it and reconnecting with my inner child). It was all so innocent.

Look what I just bought. Time to play. #oculusrift

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But everybody else I showed it to wasn’t so interested in the dinosaurs or floating in space. One thing occupied their minds: what’s the porn like?

Admittedly, I was curious myself. I’d heard Duncan Trussel talk about it on the Joe Rogan show as if it was an almost religious experience.

I fought the urges for as long as I could, worried about the consequences, but one lonely Monday night, T-levels and libido raging from heavy squats, my curiosity got the better of me and I caved. I put on the goggles and plugged myself in.

Image result for the matrix plugged inEntering the Matrix

Pitch black.

My eyes open and I wake up on a sofa. I look around and find myself in an plush apartment where everything is gleaming white. I look down now and see a body that’s not mine, but it feels like mine. It’s like a digital self paralyzed from the waste down.

I hear heels, and look around to see a young woman descending a flight of stairs. She has auburn hair and bright eyes. Her body is tight and curvy. She walks over seductively and smiles at me.

“Hey there,” she says.

I almost answer her back.

She kneels down in front of my crotch.

“I think we should stay into night,” she suggests with a low pleading tone, looking deep into my eyes.

It feels real. These pixels are penetrating my soul right now, careening through me all the way to my nutsack and giving me a giant hard-on. My monkey brain does not know the difference. My hind-brain knows it, but it’s completely bypassed by blinding wild lust.

Another girl, a large breasted blonde, comes down the stairs, and it’s love at first kilobyte.

“Mind if I join?” she says.

She kneels down, and within 30 seconds of both of them have unbuckled my pants and are passing around my virtual joystick like hungry piglets at their mother’s teats.

I don’t last a minute.

I’m done.

It’s over.

…and I mean humanity.

So curiosity got the better of me and I just experienced VR porn. Holy fuck. We are doomed as a species. Don’t go into the matrix!

The Future Looks Grim

VR porn is a shape-shifting succubus that will destroy men the world over.

She doesn’t talk back to you, she’s hotter than your girlfriend, and unlike those pesky flesh versions you couldn’t give a fuck if she cums or not.

She is there for pure self-indulgent pleasure, and she will become more addictive than crack cocaine. That first hit of dopamine renders the mind zombified.

The reaction of everybody I’ve shown it to is the same:

“Holy crap. That’s shit’s intense. This will change everything.”

Image result for vr porn

Regular porn is doing enough damage for millennials.

Erectile dysfunction is already skyrocketing among men. T-Levels are dropping world wide. Couple are now having less sex now than ten years ago, and report being less happy in their relationships and sex lives. (For more info check out Your Brain on Porn.)

With this new technology things are going to get far worse.

What we have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg.

I genuinely fear for the next generation who are sexualized with this technology.

  • What will is do to the neural pathways of young adults?
  • What kind of imprinting will this have on the male brain? What will is do to their sexual expectations in real life?
  • How will the females of the species compete with this?

The sad truth is, pretty soon VR porn will be normalized like is regular porn  is today, and nobody will do anything to stop it.

“What’s the harm?” boys will say, and when they get used to their beautiful rotating cock-worshiping harems, they’ll wonder why they can’t get excited for their non-porn issue girlfriends.

Hell, many will probably just give up on women all together.

Image result for dystopian future VR

Is there any hope?

That depends on you. Our generation will probably escape the worst of the effects, but damage will be done.

I can tell men “DON’T WATCH IT!”, but most won’t listen. Anytime I get a request from men to view it I strongly advise against it, but none head my warnings. On the contrary, many plug in with great enthusiasm.

For those of us who can pull porn-quality women the effects won’t be so bad, but most men are not capable of this. Most men don’t learn game, hit the gym, and better themselves, and these men will suffer in their sex life.

As for the next generation?

I’m not so optimistic. In ten years they’ll probably be wireless sexbots that sync up with VR visuals and provide artificial stimulation, making women more obsolete. (Update: It’s already here. Oh jaysus.)

Personally, with the ways thing are going, if I ever I have children they’ll be lucky if they even have Wifi!


What are your thoughts and predictions?

Has porn have a negative impact on your life?

Will women become obsolete thanks to our 24/7 access to virtual do-everything pussies?

Leave a comment.

I tried VR porn, and we are F**KED.

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